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Maarja, so far has released 1 Album & from that she has released 3 singles.
Hold Onto Love, First In Line & What In This World.


1. Rainbow Colours.
2. Hold Onto Love.
3. First In Line.
4. What Inn This World.
5. High Hope.
6. I know you Are The One.
7. My Hometown.
8. I Wonder.
9. I Will Be There For You.
10. Walk Away.
11. Tell Me Why.

  Above is Maarja's most recently released album >>First In Line<<

Hold Onto Love Single

1. Hold Onto Love.
2. Keelatud Maa.
3. Hold Onto Love (Classic Version)
Above Is Maarja's First Single, Hold Onto Love.

This single was released just after Eurosong 1997 where she represented Estonia with the song Keelatud Maa (Forbidden Land) Her Song, Keelatud Maa was released in English as Hold Onto Love

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